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Smokies Marketing is a marketing company that specializes in tourism within the Smoky Mountains area and throughout the State of Tennessee. Since we love to travel so much; we may throw in the entire country too. America is full of so much beauty if you do not take the time to see it; you will miss the memories you could have made. We have partnered with some of the top partners in the tourism industry to offer exciting deals, bookings, tickets, and passes from entertainment to attractions and tours and from flights and rentals cars to vacation, cabin rentals to hotels. Check out our Traveling the Smokies page to start booking your next trip and visit our Smokies Blog for posts for more travel ideas and tips on what to do, where to stay, and what to see.


Apart from traveling the smokies, we are concerned about the financial situation so many families across our beautiful country are finding themselves in such as high prices on groceries, gas, clothes, etc. Inflation is a hugh problem in this country and so many families are just living paycheck to paycheck with little to spare. We understand cause we been there  too.  We have discovered a way to help solve this problem and help families secure the little they do have in financial assets. We do that with Gold and Silver Investing. Gold and silver prices are starting to soar; it is a common fact that when stocks crash and money supply runs low, the prices of gold and silver will rise. They are two types of precious metals that will always hold their value no matter how the financial system fluctuates. It is one of two ways to secure your financial assets away from monetary-grabbing federal financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, investment companies, etc. the other type is real estate! Check out our Smokies Silver page for more information on how to get started today! the benefits are enormous! . In other words, don't put all your eggs in one basket! You could just lose it all!

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Traveling The Smokies

...the affiliate marketing side of Smokies Marketing. We specialize in tourism throughout the State of Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. We have partnered with some amazing companies within the tourism industry to bring you all-access to to offer exciting deals, bookings, tickets, and passes  from entertainment to attractions and tours and from flights and rentals cars to vacation, cabin rentals to hotels. We are constantly growing and expanding so new things are added monthly. Our goal is to inspire people of all ages to fall in love with the beautiful Smoky Mountains just as we have.  We do not just cover the Smokies area; we also cover our four big cities: Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville and Chattanooga. We want to give you a bigger picture as to all the things to do and see here in Tennessee. There is also plenty of things to do and see throughout the entire State, so we hope we can help you just a little bit in planning your next trip to Tennessee. 

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Our networking side has teamed up with  a precious metals company to bring you the opportunity of a lifetime  through our $mokies $ilver platform.  This allows you to invest in gold and silver  through the purchase of collectible coins, bullion, and jewelry made of sterling silver. A yearly membership will comes incredible benefits like a monthly collective coin shipped right to your door,  a digital wallet to store your gold, silver and cash right in your pocket, all-access to a gold and silver marketplace to buy, sell and stack your own collection, exclusive  discounts on travel, meals, and everyday purchase, healthcare plans, etc.  You, also, have the opportunity to building an income for yourself!


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Image by David Hertle

The Smokies have a hidden secret,

Only the adventurers can unravel;

They tell us a story of the Cherokees,

A step back in time of their historic ancestral;

Image by Andy Staver