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...the networking side of Smokies Marketing Affiliate LLC who has partnered with a nationally-accredited silver & gold company to bring you the opportunity of a lifetime. Silver & Gold hold the key to building a legacy of generational wealth. We are building our own legacy of generational wealth, by helping people begin their journey to unlimited prosperity. We do not just offer this opportunity to others; we have also invested our own assets in this opportunity ourselves, and know that value this opportunity has in our own lives. It has changed our lives and we know it will change yours. 

We Offer...

Buy As A Guest

There is an opportunity to for you to buy silver and gold as a guest instead of having to sign up as a member if you so choose to. You will be able to purchase silver & gold collectible coins, bullion, jewelry, However you will not receive the benefits that comes with a membership, or the opportunities that come with a membership. Click the link below to buy your silver and gold as a guest.

Informational Videos our Partner
& Precious Metals

I want to just obey the Constitution. The Constitution says only gold and silver can be legal tender. 
- Ron Paul - 

Become A Member

Applying for a membership through our partner is exciting because you are one your way to invest in something that will leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren. A membership opens the door to phenomenal benefits. 

(Yearly) Membership Pricing 











Disclaimer: I do not ever claim to be a financial advisor nor do I give financial advise; I am just giving you an opportunity to join my team and building your own wealth portfolio. I would suggest you may want to seek financial advise regarding silver and gold before you make a final decision to enroll or purchase.

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits  are phenomenal! There is three types of benefits available: daily, recurring and legacy. Daily benefits give you opportunities to purchase micro silver and gold through our partner's market and their discount program, a digital wallet to secure your funds from any banking failures, a marketplace to sell, buy and build your collection, saving that will take your breath away from everyday purchases to travel. Recurring benefits, also, gives you opportunities to save big such as with our monthly coin or bullion purchase, health insurance, low-mintage coin drops, etc. Legacy benefits give you an amazing opportunities to build a life for the long-haul; they give you the tools that you need to earn a potential income long-term by sharing our partner's message and to build a true gold-backed 401K/IRA.

A Miles Standard Coin Series

Theodore Roosevelt


Informational Videos on
Membership Benefits

Collect with AutoSavor

State Animals

Holdman Gold Notes Series


A Miles Standish Coin Series

-Abraham Lincoln-

Wealth Building Income Opportunity

Building your wealth starts with taking advantage on our income-generating opportunity that comes with a membership. You start by building your downline, which comes from sharing your message and signing friends and family up a membership, than  you place them on either your right side (Team 1) and left side (Team 2). When each team reaches 500 pts then you will receive a $500/week commission check/direct deposit. And going forward every time your two teams point values meet, your commissions will increase per week. Share the benefits of our memberships with your family and friends and help them sign up under your own name once you have signed up for a membership. If you would like to start a business and do this full-time job to make a residual income, we would recommend purchasing the premium membership, or if you want to just sign up to take advantage of the membership benefits for yourself and make a little extra income on the side, you will want to sign up for the standard membership. 

More Informative Videos

Coins Available in Store

Interested in
A Membership to have access to Membership Benefits to build a Gold & Silver Portfolio and secure your financial future.  Contact us today...

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These are not all the coins available in the store and through AutoSavor. There is a whole lot more...All videos listed on this site via buttons is courtesy of our partner's YouTube Channel: 7k Metals.

The following collectible coins are no longer available on our partner's store, however, with your membership you have access to the marketplace you may find them there for sale by other members.

A Miles Standard Coin Series

George Washington

A Miles Standish Coin Series

Benjamin Franklin

Roman Empire Series

A Miles Standish Coin Series

Other Collection/Series/Coins Released

Holdman Gold Note Series

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