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Leave It To Texas' Beaver

Get Ready! Texas' Beaver is coming and Tennessee just won't be the same!

We have made a massive discover! The Beaver is a Texan; known to all of us as Buc-ee's. He True Texan at that, and sure loves his BBQ! He has finally made it to Tennessee and is having blast hanging out in our beautiful state, so Buc-ee's decided to set up shop in the Volunteer State since he loves Tennessee so much.

So, leave it to Texas' reinvent the gas station experience into something that we have never seen before. The statement "Everything is Bigger in Texas" is an understatement unless you have visited Buc-ee's (The largest gas station franchise in the nation; headquartered in Texas); a convenient store that feels like a mercantile store with a cafeteria and an additional 100+ gas pumps. You will never see stopping for gas the same way again. It is all about the experience. FYI: Buc-ee's holds the world's record for being the largest convenience store in the world at 66,335 sq. ft.

Yes, your life will never be the same. When I say this store is HUGE I meant it! Now let us check this store out...whose with me? FYI: Buc-ee's boost at having the cleanest bathrooms in the country. They have every right to boost about it! Their bathrooms are spotless.

Definitely reminds you of a mercantile store doesn't it?

Now onto the the other half of Buc-ee's: the cafeteria. Some yummy deliciousness that you will find at Buc-ee's among its favorites is the BBQ Brisket Sandwiches Texan Style located at the BBQ Station. Stop by the Fudge Station where you will find Buc-ee's 21 flavors of homemade fudge and fresh pastries (including Buc-ee's version of a cinnamon bun called the Paddle Trail). Other snacks you will find is kolaches, Beaver Nuggets, 22 flavors of Jerky (located on the Jerky Wall of Fame), and an assortment of candies and munchies.

Buc-ee's have become known for its large cup of coffee selling at $1.59; its coffee station offers customers regular, dark roast, and decaf coffees to choose from. With a wide range of over 80 varieties of cold beverages from soft drinks to water and from juices to ice coffees. You will never leave thirsty. So, grab a cold one while your at it; You are going to need it for to wash down that Texan Style pulled pork BBQ Sandwich and those Beaver Nuggets and Beef Jerky!

Well there you have it! Buc-ee's - America's largest one-of-a-kind gas station.

Tennessee - Buc-ee's Locations:

Tennessee's 1st Location

Store #50 - Open 24/7

2045 Genesis Road

Crossville, TN 38555

Buc-ee's Coming to Sevierville, TN

May/October 2023

Buc-ee's Coming to Murfreesboro, TN




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